• An ergonomic bronchoscope mount and protector for OR/ Procedure suite use
  • Full damage and biohazard protection during transport
  • Converts any closet into a long term endoscope storage station
  • Mounts on any pole

ScopeMate is a unique system designed to satisfy all of your bronchoscopy needs. The ScopeMate device is designed with three main tasks in mind: 1) to serve as an ergonomic mount and protector for the bronchoscope during clinical use, 2) to serve as a long term storage device for your bronchoscopes, and 3) to serve as a biohazard containment device during bronchoscope usage and transport.

The ScopeMate consists of a rigid tube mated to an adjustable head clamp. The bronchoscope slides right into this ergonomic mount, and once inside, is protected from damage. The ScopeMate device can be magnetically mounted to any ferrous surface (anesthesia cart, machine, O.R. boom, etc.) via very strong magnets, or attached to any I.V. or other pole via a universal pole clamp. The magnets and clamps are fully adjustable, allowing you to customize your mounting needs. During clinical use, the bronchoscope is ergonomically positioned for easy reach, and stored within the ScopeMate when not in use. This unique sheath not only protects the fragile bronchoscope from damage, but also prevents contamination of the anesthesia workspace from pulmonary secretions by containing the bronchoscope after immediate use. A Clean/Dirty sticker easily identifies the bronchoscope as used, alerting the technicians and preventing accidental re-use of a dirty device. The entire ScopeMate enclosure serves as a biohazard transport enclosure that meets the latest OSHA and Joint Commission standards.

The ScopeMate device is constructed from 100% aircraft grade anodized aluminum and stainless steel by a subcontractor that manufactures parts for military fighter jets. It is designed to be ultra-durable and last a lifetime. The device is fully autoclavable and resists corrosion from solutions commonly encountered in clinical care. When mated with its unique disposable sleeve, transport bag, and foam cushions, the device ensures that the bronchoscopes stay protected and your workstation remains clean. ScopeMate cleaning is a breeze as the removable disposable items (sleeve, cushions, and bag) dramatically reduce the process to a wipe down of the external surfaces, as you would for any O.R. capital equipment. Should there be a breech in the sterile sleeve due to technical error, the entire ScopeMate can be autoclaved or sterilized.

Several large academic medical centers that were early adopters of the ScopeMate System demonstrated remarkable cost savings due to reduced bronchoscope breakage. One center, which spent about $10k on the system, demonstrated a cost savings of $30k annually in scope breakage alone.

The ScopeMate system is unique in that it can convert any standard storage closet into an ultimate bronchoscope storage space. All of this at a fraction of the cost of a standard bronchoscopy closet, and with several times the capacity. The costs savings afforded by this unique closet conversion, combined with the reduction in bronchoscope damage, make purchase of this system a financial “no brainer”.