• Fits all standard medication vials (1cc - 30cc)
  • Fits all standard specimen tubes
  • Passive safety design requires no activation
  • Uses a real metal needle

MedMate is a revolutionary safety needle designed for three purposes: 1) to withdraw medications from vials, 2) to transfer medical specimens into specimen tubes, 3) to inject medications into I.V. rubber ports. MedMate’s design entails several key innovations that make it unique within the safety needle landscape. For starters, it is a real, sharp metal needle as opposed to a plastic cannula or blunt metal needle, ensuring effortless penetration into rubber stoppers of all dimensions. Second, its safety features are totally passive, requiring no mechanical action or step to be taken by the practitioner. The patented protective flanges always protect your hands or any body part from accidental needlestick injury. Furthermore, these unique flanges flex to accommodate any size and shaped medication vial (1cc-30cc).

A medical provider must try the MedMate to truly appreciate its ergonomic design. Medications are so easy to withdraw from vials that one can literally do it with their eyes closed (not that we recommend this)! The patented flanges not only protect your fingers but also help align the vial to the needle for effortless withdrawal of medications. And without a cap to worry about, there is never a risk from re-capping. A standard needle cap serves two purposes: 1) to cover the sharp needle to prevent both needle contamination and needlestick injury, and 2) act as a wrench to remove the needle from a syringe. The MedMate’s integrated flanges: 1) prevent needlestick, 2) keep the needle “floating” to prevent contamination, and 3) allow for easy application and removal of the device from any standard luer lock and luer slip syringe. The truly unique design ensures that both you and your patients are kept safe.

For patients with direct access intravascular lines, the MedMate is ideal to transfer the drawn-up blood specimens into specimen tubes without the inherent risk of needlestick injury in this otherwise very high risk setting. Simply attach the MedMate to the syringe with blood specimen and mate the device directly into the specimen tube for seamless specimen transfer.

Finally, MedMate is uniquely suited to inject medications into I.V. rubber ports while eliminating the risk of accidental needlestick injury. You owe yourself the opportunity to trial the safety needle that is as smart as you are!